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Big Thrills for Squizzy Mills - SST Round 1 wrap up

Round 1 of the Aussie Jays Campers Southern Speedcar Tour and the opening race meeting for the VSDA Calendar at Avalon Raceway was set to be a great night with 14 cars nominated.

There were also four rookies on hand to throw a spanner in the mix, V5 Glen Wiles, V22 Joe Lostitch, V26 Jason Donnelly and V75 Mike Griffiths.

The night didn't turn out too great for v59 Darren Power after blowing his motor up in hot laps and Rookie v75 Mike Griffiths having mechanical problems that unfortunately seen him out for the whole night.

Heat 1 was run from flag to flag and was won by Paul Farrell after a good battle with Troy Jordan and rookie Jason Donnelly in 3rd.

HEAT 1 RESULTS: V2 Paul Farrell V11 Troy Jordan V26 Jason Donnelly V10 Travis Mills V8 Brad Day DNF V15 Andy Pearce

Heat 2 saw a good start by everyone and some great racing. The yellows came out after Matt Papa spun in-between 1 and 2 with Braeden Palmer having nowhere to go spun with him. Jason Donnelly also unluckily came to a stop with the two drivers.

After the restart it was Troy Jordan who took the win ahead of Paul Farrell and Keith Astrella coming home in 3rd.

HEAT 2 RESULTS: V11 Troy Jordan V2 Paul Farrell V96 Keith Astrella V18 Skip Palmer V26 Jason Donnelly V5 Glen Wiles V25 Matt Papa

Heat 3 was a cracker of a race which saw Travis Mills back in form in an elbows up race against Braeden Palmer for a number of laps before Braeden spun and brought out the yellows. Andy Pearce was on the move as well until pulling off with a broken steering arm.

Travis went on to take the win with rookie Joe Lostitch in 2nd and Brad Day in 3rd.

HEAT 3 RESULTS: V10 Travis Mills V22 Joe Lostitch V8 Brad Day V96 Keith Astrella V18 Skip Palmer V5 Glen Wiles

DNF V15 Andy Pearce

The feature went "Flag to Flag" with a number of battles with good old fashion speedcar wheel to wheel racing that thrilled the good size crowd on hand. V10 Travis Mills went on to take home the win but it wasn’t an easy one for “Squizzy” as V2 Paul Farrell & V11 Troy Jordan were hot on his tail throughout the whole race. The red lights came out just after the checker flag had dropped for the V18 of Braeden Palmer clipped the rear of V96 Keith Astrella and took a very soft roll, Braeden walked away ok.

So with the first round done and dusted it’s off to Western Speedway in Hamilton on the 1st of November for Round 2 of the Aussie Jays Campers Southern Speedcar Tour.


V10 Travis Mills V2 Paul Farrell V11 Troy Jordan V18 Braeden Palmer V96 Keith Astrella V8 Brad Day V26 Jason Donnelly V22 Joe Lostitch V25 Matt Papa V5 Glen Wiles

DNF V15 Andy Pearce


We'd like to thank all our sponsors for their continued support during 2014/15

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