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2014 Beasley Family Memorial Results

The 24th annual Beasley Family Memorial was held in conjunction with the 1st annual Geelong Speedway Revival on the 29th of November at Avalon Raceway. The twenty car field included New South Welshman Gavin Gay, making his first appearance at Avalon Raceway. Former Mini Sprint racer Stuart Ferguson & Wingless Sprint regular Gabe Goode both making there Speedcar debuts. Domain Ramsey was a late inclusion into the field after damaging his Sprintcar in hot laps at Warrnambool, the Geelong based racer bolted back to the race shop picked up the Speedcar and arrived at the racetrack just in time for the second round of heats.

The heat races produced some action packed racing with plenty of passing and side by side action. Troy Jordan was the stand out performer winning both his heats while Travis Mills and Robbie Gordon won a heat each.


V17 Robbie Gordan,

V10 Travis Mills,

V2 Paul Farrell,

V15 Andy Pearce,

V96 Keith Astrella,

V0 Stewart Grant-Campbell,

V4 Stuart Ferguson,

V25 Matt Papa,

N15 Gavin Gay,

DNF V75 Mike Griffiths


V11 Troy Jordan,

V18 Braeden Palmer,

V22 Joe Lostitch,

V8 Brad Day,

V92 Matt Coombe,

V23 Johnny Kyriacou

DNS V59 Darren Power

V97 Gabbe Goode V5 Glen Wiles

Heat 3 Results:

V10 Travis Mills

V15 Andy Pearce

V2 Paul Farrell

V59 Darren Power

V25 Matt Papa

V22 Joe Lostitch

DNF V92 Matt Coombes V75 Mike Griffiths DNS V5 Glen Wiles V97 Gabe Goode

Heat 4 Results:

V11 Troy Jordan

v96 Keith Astrella

v0 Stewart Grant-Campbell

v17 Robbie Gordan

v20 Domain Ramsey

V23 Johnny Kyriacou

V8 Brad Day

V4 Stuart Ferguson

DNF V4 Stuart Ferguson

DNS V97 Gabe Goode N15 Gavin Gay

The feature was set to be a dog fight with Jordan and Mills sharing the front row and Gordon and Farrell rounding out the top four meanwhile Andy Pearce elected to start Rear of field with the lure of a cash bonus should he manage to finish in the top three.

At the drop of the green flag Mills jumped to the lead and immediately started to open up a healthy margin but Mills’ dominance was short lived as a leaking oil gauge sent the V10 Eagle to the infield and Jordan would take over the lead with Farrell and Braeden Palmer in hot pursuit.

A restart on lap twelve gave Farrell the opportunity he needed to take the lead from Jordan entering turn one, meanwhile both Pearce and late entrant Ramsey had raced their way into the top five.

While running a strong second Robbie Gordon made heavy contact with the front straight wall and took a ride on the wild side on lap 18.

This would set the scene for a green, white, checker restart with Farrell to lead the field away from Ramsey and Pearce. Ramsey pulled a huge slide job in turns one and two to take the lead but Farrell would return the favor in turns three and four to regain the lead, Ramsey took one last lung for the lead on the final lap but half spun in turn two which handed the win to Farrell who was followed home by Andy Pearce, Troy Jordan and Johnny Kyriacou rounded out the podium in just his fourth appearance in a Speedcar.

::24th Beasley Family Memorial Feature::

V2 Paul Farrell

V15 Andy Pearce

V11 Troy Jordan

V23 Johnny Kyriacou

V8 Brad Day

V25 Matt Papa

V20 Domain Ramsey

DNF V18 Braedan Palmer V0 Stewart Grant-Campbell V92 Matt Coombes V17 Robbie Gordan V4 Stuart Ferguson V10 Travis Mills V96 Keith Astrella

DNS V97 Gabe Goode V22 Joe Lostitch V59 Darren Power V15 Gavin Gay

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