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* Please note: These regs may be altered at any time if required.


  • Nominations are to be sent via text message or VSDA web site no later than 8.00pm (Victorian time or Eastern Standard Summer Time) the Sunday before the event, the number to use is 0416212048.

  • Once your nomination has been received it will be added to the list of nominations on Facebook.

  • A list of nominations will be placed on Facebook and updated daily.

  • All nomination’s to be sent via text or web site

  • No verbal nomination will be accepted, If “not sure” re send daily until you see it added to Facebook.


  • If you “think” there will be a potential issue making the next race, for example you just had a big accident and you might need parts, you are waiting on a motor part?

  • We ask you to still nominate with a Asterix ( * ) that way we know you intend to be there, however there might be extenuating circumstances outside your control that prevents you making the race.

  • If you nominate with an Asterix and don’t make the race no penalties will apply.

  • If you fail to nominate by 8.00pm ESST you will start rear of the heat races, however you will assume your starting position in the Feature based on points earned in the heats.

  • If you fail to nominate by 8.00pm ESST and don’t wish to run from the rear for heats you can pay (in cash only before drivers briefing) $500 late nomination fee and you will be included in the draw.

  • All interstate cars have till Tuesday 8.00pm ESST before the race to nominate without incurring any penalties.

  • An interstate car is considered a car register in a state outside Victoria, regardless of Driver’s residency.

  • If you have nominated for a State title (other than the Victorian) or a Blue ribbon event (including ALL State Titles & other events as defined by the official Speedcars Australia calendar) and that race clashes with a Victorian race date and is then cancelled for any reason.

  • You can then choose to race the Victorian show without any late nomination penalties.

  • You cannot nominate for more than one race meeting scheduled for the same date.

  • Refer Speedway Australia rule 2.1.2 and 2.1.3.

  • If you nominate for an ordinary club meeting in another state that clashes with a Victorian date and it gets cancelled then a late nomination ROF penalty WILL apply unless you pay the fee.​

  • If you repeatedly nominate and fail to turn up, you may be asked to explain why?

  • This will be at the discretion of the V.S.D.A. committee.


  • All V.S.D.A. Races are considered transponder meetings unless notified.


  • If there is bad weather in the area and the race is not abandon by the track, you will be expected to be in the pits for drivers briefing.

  • If there is a drivers briefing (as per normal) or a meeting to discuss the weather in place of a drivers briefing, you will be expected to attend this or these meetings.

  • If you attend this or these meetings and the meeting is abandoned before engine starts and hot laps, every driver and car owner in attendance will receive 50 drivers and or 50 owner points.

  • If you are not present at drivers briefing/meetings you will not receive any drivers or owner points, and will start rear of field for heat racing.

  • If the track cancels the meeting before the scheduled drivers briefing no points will be awarded to any driver or owners.

  • If weather or any other factor forces the cancelation of the event during or after the first heat race every driver and owner will be awarded 50 points.

  • If weather or any other factor forces the cancelation of the event after two rounds of heats, points for those two rounds of heats will count towards drivers and owner championship.

  • If weather or any other factor forces the cancelation of the event during the running of the feature race, no points will be awarded if less than half race distance is completed.

  • If more than half race distance is completed then points will be awarded as if race was completed and placing will stand as per last completed lap.


Races will be two heat races for each nominated car/driver (B-main if required) and a feature - If time permits or at promoter’s discretion a pole shuffle, shoot out or any other race may be added.

  • If another round of heats is added by the promoter they will also carry points for driver and owner.

  • Races at Avalon on October 7th - January - 13th- March 17th & April 21st will incur an inversion.

  • Inversion will be a maximum of half the field.

  • Inversion will be pill draw (high points after two heats will pull the pill) potential pills 0-4-6-8-10, dependent on number of cars to start feature race.

  • 17,18,19,20 cars max inversion is 10

  • 13,14,15,16 cars max inversion is 8

  • 8,9,10,11,12 cars max inversion is 6

  • Any less than 8 cars the Inversion will be cancelled

  • For inversion to take place there must be a minimum of 20 laps scheduled for the feature.

  • Less than 20 laps the inversion will be cancelled.

  • If laps are cut short due to time, stoppages or any other factor during the running of the feature, this will simply be bad luck and the inversion will continue.

  • If there is a tie on points and transponders are in use, the tie will be decided by the fastest lap time in heat racing (as per the transponder soft ware program )

  • If transponders are not in use the tie will be decided by coin toss.

  • If there are any contingency prizes that are awarded based on points score and there is a tie

  • The prize will be awarded to the winner of the coin toss or with the fastest time in heat racing.

  • To be eligible for prize money from an event, you must take the green flag and complete one racing lap for the meeting.


  • This one particular meeting will carry a different format, due to the inevitable shortage of time running with Sprintcars.

  • Engine starts and hot laps as per normal.

  • Only 1 heat per car/driver

  • Heats will be 12 laps with half the nominations in heat one and the other half in heat two.

  • Heats will be random pill draw

  • Finishing order of heat one will set the inside row of the feature e.g: 1st =1st 2nd=3 3rd=5 4th=7 5th=9th 6th=11th 7th=13th 8th=15th 9th=17th 10th=19th

  • Finishing order of heat two will set the out side row of the feature e.g: 1st=2nd 2nd=4th 3rd=6th 4th=8th 5th=10th 6th=12th 7th=14th 8th=16th 9th=18th 10th=20th

  • Feature race distance will be 25 laps maximum (at promoters discretion)

  • No inversion on the feature for this race.


V.S.D.A. Drivers Championship (points accumulated over every round on the calendar in Victoria) (only rounds programmed as at the start of the season, however,

  • If the track promoter chooses to re-schedule the race (because of rain out or similar) on a date that suits both the track and the V.S.D.A. “rain date” this meeting will carry points.)

V.S.D.A. Owners Championship (points accumulated over every round on the calendar in Victoria) (only rounds programmed as at the start of the season, however,

  • If the track promoter chooses to re-schedule the race on a date that suits both the track and the V.S.D.A. “rain date” this meeting will carry points.)

Avalon Track Championship (points accumulated over the 6 rounds at Avalon Raceway only)

V.S.D.A. Rookie of the Year & Victorian Speedcar Championship.


Victorian Championship will carry double points towards VSDA Drivers and Owners Championship.

  • For purpose of calculating points, it will be done with the traditional points score on the night of racing, then after the fact the points will be doubled to go towards the V.S.D.A. Drivers and Owners Championship.


  • Heat racing as per 2016-17 or later Speedcars Australia rule book, rule 7.6.1.

  • Feature points will be double the heat points e.g. 1st in the heat is 25 points 1st in the feature will be 50 points.


For most V.S.D.A. correspondence and updates we will be using Facebook, we will try to compliment this with a text and or e-mail also by keeping our web site up to date. How-ever there will be no guarantee. Over 78% of the Australian population now has Facebook. At one point in time no one had e-mail either, however now most people have e-mail.

If you don’t have access to Facebook best suggestion is to find someone that does.

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