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Wow - Dillon Ghent wins Skips Race. His maiden feature Win.

WOW, what a stunning result for 2nd. running of Skips Race at Avalon on the 17 March.

The VSDA is absolutely stoked to report that 4 of the first 5 finishers are either rookies or second season drivers against a field that had some of the best drivers in Australia competing in it including Travis Mills, Domain Ramsay, Harley Bishop, "Showtime" Andy Pearce and many others.

How good is this, rookie Dillon Ghent, son of veteran Peter Ghent after starting 10th, won his maiden feature and in fact took his first race win by taking it out.

2nd was the veteran Harley Bishop who needs no introduction at all, he is one of the best.

3rd.was rookie Chris Nankiville, grandson of Frank with a great consistent drive on the night starting from 7th.

4th was second season driver Jack Day who started 8th in arguably his best drive of his short career so far.

5th was second season driver Toby Smith, grandson of Eric who won the Permatex "Hard Charger" award for his effort of coming from 13th to 5th in his best result to date.

These results are fantastic for the future of the VSDA & through out the night all drivers produced some of the best side by side racing that you will see anywhere.

It had it all from start to finish including a huge crowd thrilling triple flip from Matt Papa who escaped unscathed but shaken from the wreck.

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