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The “Beasley Family Memorial” is in dedication of Victoria’s legendary Beasley family (Arthur “Pop”, Stud & Alf), all three of whom pioneered midget racing in Australia.
Arthur "Pop" Beasley made his debut as a "Thunderbug" with a home made car in races at the Penrith Speedway, NSW in 1928. Among other things the car had two bucket seats and didn't even have a coat of paint. Arthur Beasley, "the dark horse" of the meeting won every event he entered and took home prize money of 170 Pounds, a small fortune in 1928. In 1933 Arthur took 6 1/2 hours off the light car record from Sydney to Brisbane and later broke the Sydney to Melbourne record as well. He won the Phillip Island Grand Prix in 1938.

Tracey's Speedway 1958

A wartime romance led to marriage and the young Beasleys. Alf and Stud, were on the scene when the second World War broke out. Stud and Alf both joined up and served their country. Arthur joined up again and joined his boys in the Army. After the War the Beasleys, as a family in Speedway, had it all their own winning way. Arthur eventually retired from racing and the boys carried on the tradition by competing against Australian & International drivers country wide. 'Pop' devoted his entire life to the roar of the Mighty Midgets & was the first VSDA President. Alf won the Victorian Title in 1955 while Stud followed suit in 1957. Sadly Alf was killed at Tracey’s Speedway on January 11th 1958 which lead to “POP” presenting the Alf Beasley Memorial Trophy as an annual commemorative event.

The race continued until the closure of Tracey’s Speedway in 1964. After 45 years involved in and dedicated to the Mighty Midgets, “POP” sadly passed away on May 21st 1979.

The Beasleys: L to R Alf Beasley, Arthur "Pop" Beasley and Stud Beasley.

Stud carried on for several more years before ill health forced him into early retirement and in October 1991 the legendary dynasty was finally ended with the death of Stud at age 70. Third generation racers Clark Beasley (son of Stud) migrated to the USA and younger brother Leroy (Still heavily involved with the VSDA) made his debut in midget racing at the final meeting of the 1991 season at Mildura. The absence of the Beasley influence opened thoughts of establishing a commemorative trophy to honour the three deceased members of the Beasley dynasty in respect of their contribution to midget racing for almost sixty years.

The original event was called the "Alf Beasley Memorial" and was won by the following drivers.

1958/59 – Jack Hollingsworth
1959/60 – Dean Hogarth (S.A.)
1960 /61- Bruce Rickard (S.A.)
1961/62 – Ken Parfrey
1962/63 – Ken Parfrey Jnr.
1963/64 - Laurie Clarke
1965/66 - No Speedway

1967/68 -  Bill Humphries

The inaugural “BEASLEY FAMILY MEMORIAL” was established in 1992.


1991/92 - BENDIGO

1st Darren Power 
2nd Warren Nelson 
3rd Peter Ghent 
4th Andrew Nolan

1992/93 - SIMPSON
1st Darren Power 
2nd Shane Smith 
3rd Matthew Adams 
4th Rob Winstanley

1993/94 - REDLINE
1st Ray Bishop 
2nd Peter Ghent 
3rd Colin Patterson 
4th John Fitzgerald Jnr

1994/95 - REDLINE
1st Mark Brown 
2nd Darren Power 
3rd Wayne Pearce 
4th Ian Lewis

1995/96 - REDLINE
Mother Nature 

1996/97 - BENDIGO
1st John Mills 
2nd Craig Power 
3rd Rick Saunders 
4th Graham Summers

1997/98 - HAMILTON 
1st Ray Bishop 
2nd Ian Lewis 
3rd Luke Dillon (S.A) 
4th Peter Ghent 

1998/99 - AVALON
1st Ian Lewis 
2nd John Mills 
3rd Darren Power 
4th Darren Hossack

1999/00 - AVALON
Mother Nature

2000/01 - HEATHCOTE
1st Mark Brown (NSW) 
2nd Paul Farrell 
3rd Dave Lambert (NSW) 
4th Craig Smith

2001/02 - WANGARATTA
1st Paul Farrell 
2nd Darren Power 
3rd Colin Patterson 
4th Shane Smith

2002/03 - WANGARATTA
1st Colin Patterson 
2nd Peter Ghent 
3rd Darren Power 
4th Troy Jordan

2003/04 - WANGARATTA

1st Peter Bourke (NSW) 

2nd Andy Pearce 

3rd Troy Jordan 

4th Colin Patterson


2004/05 - AVALON

1st Troy Jordan 

2nd Colin Patterson 

3rd Peter Ghent 

4th Luke Stanley

2005/06 - WAIKERE (S.A)

1st  Darren Power 

2nd David Patterson 

3rd Richard Emmerson 

4th Snowy White (S.A)

2006/07 - MOAMA (NSW)
1st Harley Bishop 
2nd David Crabtree
3rd Troy Jordan 
4th Peter Ghent

2007/08 - REDLINE
1st Mark Brown (NSW) 
2nd Ian Lewis 
3rd Luke Dillon (S.A) 
4th Peter Bourke (NSW)

2008/09 - REDLINE
Mother Nature 

2009/10 - AVALON
1st Mark Brown (NSW) 
2nd Peter Ghent 
3rd Andy Pearce 
4th Tim Crouch (S.A)

2010/11 - REDLINE
1st Harley Bishop 
2nd Andy Pearce 
3rd Ben Dillon (S.A) 
4th Craig Smith

2011/12 - AVALON
1st Travis Mills 
2nd Adam Wallis (NSW) 
3rd Troy Jordan 
4th Andy Pearce


2012/2013 - WANGARRATTA

1st Travis Mills
2nd Andy Pearce
3rd Troy Jordan
4th Matt Hinton (NSW)



1st Robbie Gordon
2nd Andy Pearce
3rd Adam Wallis (NSW)
4th Paul Farrell


2014/15 - AVALON

1st Paul Farrell
2nd Andy Pearce
3rd Troy Jordan
4th Johnny Kyriacou

2015/16 - AVALON

1st. Michael Stewart (NSW)

2nd.Troy Jordan

3rd. Ashley Booker

4th. Anthony Chaffey (Qld)

2016/17 - AVALON

1st. Matt Jackson (NSW)

2nd.Anthony Chaffey (Qld)

3rd. Kaidon Brown  (NSW)

4th. Travis Mills

2017/18 - AVALON

1st.  Dayne Kingshott (WA)

2nd. Kaidon Brown (NSW)

3rd. Robert McKay (NSW)

4th. Todd Wigzell (SA)

2018/19 - AVALON

1st.   Adam Wallis

2nd.  Travis Mills

3rd.   Mitch Whiting

4th.   Nick Parker


1st Matt Jackson (NSW)

2nd Nathan Smee (NSW)

3rd Mitch Whiting 

4th Justin McMinn

2020/21 - COVID


1st Nathen Smee (NSW)

2nd Nick Parker

3rd Robert Heard (S.A)

4th Matt Jackson (NSW)

1st Hayden Williams (NZ)

2nd Tom Payet (WA)

3rd Kaleb Currie (NZ)

4th Nick Parker

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