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Two more Speedcar Superstars and a budding future champion headlined the annual awards night for the World’s Oldest Speedcar Club, the Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association (VSDA), last Saturday night June 16.


Victorian and National legends and contemporaries Ray “Noddy” Bishop and Ian “Fly” Lewis were the popular 2018 inductees into the VSDA Hall of Fame at the Annual presentation night held in South Melbourne.


Both had stellar Careers in Speedcars after starting in FJ Holden sedans (Lewis as a 14 year-old), including a combined 9 Victorian Championships, Australian Title Podiums, numerous other major titles and prestigious events and VSDA club Championships with Bishop winning a staggering 12 club titles.


Bishop was inducted into the HoF by the youngest of his three sons Harley, having raced against all of his boys, Haydn, Damian and Harley at different stages.


Lewis was inducted by great mate and former car owner and fellow HoF inductee Robbie Brown.


Bishop (left) and Lewis (right) now share their names on the McMinn Motorsport Sponsored HoF Honour Board.




The VSDA "Hall of Fame" was created on the 8 July 2017 with 5 inaugural inductees after 83 years of club history.

The following videos are a brief snapshot of their history in Speedcars.

* The Beasley Family, honouring Arthur "Pop" - Stud - Alf - Clark & Leroy for all their contributions over the years since about the early 1930's.

* Eric Smith, for his 61 years as a decorated driver, car owner, President & administrator.

* Rob Brown, for his outstanding service to the sport as a driver & car owner.

* Barry Power, for his contributions as ASCC & VSDA President over many years & also as a driver / car owner.

* Mark Brown, for his outstanding career record whilst representing the VSDA & Speedcars Australia both at home & overseas. (separate video)

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