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Kingshott Wins Beasley

Media Release 26 November 2017 Kingshott’s Memorial Beasley win. Bunbury’s Dayne Kingshott enroute to the Beasley Memorial win. – Photo & Media Release by Pirate Media Group.

Bunbury’s Dayne Kingshott was largely untroubled winning the prestigious 27th annual Beasley memorial to add yet another major event victory to his growing list of accomplishments at Avalon Raceway last night.

“I have to thank Keith and Peter McAllan for giving me a great car and the opportunity to win another memorial event, one which they hadn’t won before.” Stated Kingshott post-race.

“The car was bit tight to start with and I had my shocks (Absorbers) wound right out so I knew I had plenty of adjustment to come.

This place goes pretty slick pretty easy and once I got the lead it was just a case of protecting the bottom and listening.” Continued Kingshott. “I tried the top a couple of times but quickly worked out it wasn’t going to be won up there. It seemed like I was going slower and slower on the bottom but then so was everybody else.”

Completing the podium was Kaidon Brown, who like Kingshott, will shortly jet over the ditch to take on the Kiwi’s and the Yanks in the Tri-Nations Series, followed by NSW racer Robert MacKay who seemed to just get quicker and quicker as the feature event unravelled.

Stunning South Australian Todd Wigzell was in the thick of some great battles grabbing fourth.

Unluckiest driver on the night, and there were a few, was Travis Mills (Dutton Garage, Sacrifice Scooters V10) who lead early and was the only one to seriously challenge Kingshott. When Toby Smith spun, Mills who was running 2nd went to drive around Smith but the youngsters’ car slid up into the path of Mills.

Mills was able to restart at the rear of the field and then was caught out again when Nick Parker, who’d been fighting for a podium, tried the high line and tagged the wall and rolled before falling back down onto the tail of you guessed it – Mills, who’d spun to avoid the flipping Permatex-PMT Racing entry.

At this point, with just four laps left to run the race was declared.

Another driver who could challenge for the unluckiest title would be Matt Papa, who rolled spectacularly during hot laps! “Too black (the track) and too ambitious” was Papa’s succinct explanation. The team did however resurrect the black 25 for his second heat and the final.

Under gloomy skies, a sadly small crowd witnessed a strong field and some stellar racing and action kicked off by Papa’s hot lap antics.

Kingshott (CME Boiler Makers/KRE Engines V21) set the scene early by winning the opening heat from Justin McMinn (V12) & David Alford (V18), and then Brown was harshly treated in heat two being sent to the rear of the field after jumping the start twice.

Problem was he was the pole car and even after his relegation the outside pole car still didn’t jump on the third start highlighting who was actually the issue. Glen Shaw (Atlantic Performance Oils V72) won the heat from Mills and Brown (TFH Hire Services/Indy Race Parts V97).

Parker (V39) then took a comfortable win in heat three ahead of Matt Jackson (Quick Time Titanium V23) who fought magneto issues all night & Andy Pearce (V15)

Wigzell (GJ Earthworks SA88) who was showing he was equally adept in a Speedcar, a Sprintcar or a Wingless won heat 4 from Scott Wilson (Q42) & Brown while Jackson’s magneto died as he came out of the last corner in second only to be passed by the entire field.

Heat 5 was the best of the night with a surprising blip on Kingshott’s radar when he spun.

On the restart Ryan McKenna (Morebark V9) and Mills then waged an awesome lead swapping battle that was only resolved on the final lap when McKenna ran a little wide into turn 1 and Mills took the win.

Rookie Chris Nankiville (ACM Motorsport/Procam Australia V20) unfortunately ventilated his engine after a strong debut.

Tasmanian Champion Joe Lostitch (Kerby Kerb V22) then won the final heat from Harley Bishop (The Speedway Shop SA6) after Brad Day had been black flagged in a strange set of circumstances. David Alford (TEH Transport Equipment Hire v18) had spun the #18 but the stewards though it had been rookie Daniel Timberlake in the #14. As Alford tried to restart ahead of Day, Day refused to allow him the position and then after many laps of “failing to obey the Chief Stewards INCORRECT call” to allow Alford to restart ahead of Day, Day was black flagged.

So, 22 cars then started the much sought after 30 lap Beasley Memorial with Mills and Parker on the front row, from Kingshott, Lostitch, Glen Shaw, Wigzell, Brown and the remainder of the large pack.

Mills got the jump and lead Parker and Kingshott for the first couple of laps until Jackson spun and was tagged by Ash Booker (I-Saw Concrete Power Racing V59).

Mills continued to lead until the next stoppage when Smith spun and was hit by Norm Moore (Moore’s Saw Sharpening SA4).

On lap 6 Mills, feeling the pressure from Kingshott, ran a little wide into turn 1 and Kingshott powered to the lead out of turn two and was never headed again.

Kingshott and Mills then broke away from the battles behind until lap 21 when Smith spun again and was tagged by the luckless Mills.

By this point Parker, Brown, Wigzell, Queenslander Scott Wilson (MudBuddy Q42) and MacKay were having a great battle constantly swapping podium positions until Parker who’d been struggling to hold the steering wheel after the power steering pump leaked fluid all over the wheel from lap three onwards, brought the race to its early conclusion with his lap 27 rollover.

In a nice touch, trophies were presented by Leroy Beasley and the Grand daughters of the late Alf Beasley, Sarah and Olivia, with the Beasley BMW powered vintage Speedcar as a nice prop.

Kingshott was also the recipient of the new P1 Australia Sportsman award & Rob Mackay the Permatex "Hard Charger" award.

The Victorian Speedcar Drivers Association (the world’s oldest Speedcar/Midget racing club) would also like to thank P1 Australia, Permatex and SE Salt Electrical for their support of the 27th Annual Beasley Memorial.

Next event on the Victorian Calendar is a return to Avalon on December 9 where a continuation of the awesome Speedcar action is set to continue.

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